What Happens When I Contact the Ombud

This is what happens when you bring a concern to the Office of the Ombud:

  1. We listen (if you call us) and/or read any information you have sent us. Next, depending on what you tell us, we might:
    • Give you information
    • Suggest alternatives
    • Explain the process for making a complaint
    • Make an appointment to speak with you more
  2. You decide whether to make a complaint.
  3. If you make a complaint, we decide if we have the authority to look into it*
    • If we do not have the authority we will let you know and we might give you alternatives
    • If we do have the authority we will decide whether to look into your complaint further
  4. If we look into your complaint*
    • We might ask you for more information
    • We might try to help you resolve the complaint informally using negotiation, mediation, or other processes
    • We might begin an investigation
  5. If we investigate your complaint*
    • We might continue trying to resolve the complaint informally while we investigate
    • We might find there was no unfairness
    • We might stop the investigation
    • We might find there was unfairness and make recommendations to the organization you complained about
  6. If we make recommendations, the organization you complained about considers them*
    • The organization might accept them
    • The organization might not accept them
  7. If the organization does not accept our recommendations*
    • We might change our recommendations, and the organization might accept the new recommendations
    • We might make a report to the Premier and the Legislative Assembly

*There are a number of reasons why we might not look into your complaint, or might decide to stop trying to resolve your complaint. If this happens, we will explain why. We will keep you informed about our work on your complaint and any recommendations we make to the organization.